Free-lance Consultants

(For providing consulting to Kosovo young entrepreneurs)


Business Support Centre Kosovo (BSCK) is looking for consultants who would provide consulting on various business areas to the companies established and supported by BSCK.

The Consultant will work one to one with businesses covering all their needs in consulting areas requested by them.  The mostly requested areas are in:

  1. Financial Management;
  2. Accounting;
  3. Agriculture;
  4. Marketing / Sales / Promotion;
  5. European integration;
  6. Market research;
  7. Product development;
  8. Coaching;
  9. Management and Business Operations;
  10. Human resources;
  11. Business conditions in Kosovo in various aspects, including export and import;
  12. Communication skills and business presentation and sub training for design and application of different software in business issues;
  13. Web design and development;
  14. Planning and business strategies;
  15. Legal;
  16. Compiling of tender applications.

 Requirements & Assets:

  • At least 5 years of work experience in Private Sector in the relevant field;
  • Educational background in economical sciences, business management and entrepreneurship;
  • Relevant consulting experience;
  • Previous experience in entrepreneurship preferred.
  • Initiator and service minded;
  • Good organizational and communicational skills
  • Fluency in English (speaking, writing and reading);


How to apply:

If interested, please submit your CV (in English) to  (Ref. the area of consulting you are applying for) no later than 12 March 2012.

For more information on BSC Kosovo, please visit

Trajnim falas: Aplikimi i Statistikës në SPSS

Aplikimi i Statistikës në SPSS (mbahet vetëm për OJQ)

11-15 Shkurt 2016, Prishtinë

Trajnim është një mundësi unike për aftësim mbi Metodologjinë Hulumtuese të aplikimit statistikor dhe
ekonometrisë në botën reale, përmes softwerit më të përhapur aplikativ SPSSMore

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