Entrepreneurship Trainings in Mitrovica

BSC in support of the U.S. Embassy organized a free course of entrepreneurship in the municipality of Mitrovica. The specifics of the city and multi-ethnic population who populate this city indicated us to organize course of entrepreneurship by supporting two of the most successful business plans. Business is one of the factors that promote economic growth and reduce unemployment.

6 modules have been organized, including:
1. Entrepreneurship
2. Marketing
3. Project Management
4. Business Environment
5. Finances
6. Business Plan

These trainings followed 25 participants when 10 of them were from these minorities: Serbs, Bosnian, Turkish and Roma, while 15 others were Albanian.

Events like this helps the development of many social factors, economic, political and the status of Mitrovica will be stabilized by young people who have entrepreneurial ideas.


Business Support Centre Kosovo (BSCK) supported by Netherland Government organizes free business trainings for all entrepreneurs and new businesses.

All participants will be able to gain necessary knowledge regarding to the establishment and development of a business, through four modules of entrepreneurship andMore

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